Our Team

On June 1, 2011, due to the passing of the Dodd-Frank financial legislation, the investment and finance teams at Key Principal Partners (KPP) resigned to form Cyprium Partners, an independent entity. The Cyprium team, many of whom have been working together for over a decade, continues our focus on making non-control investments in privately owned businesses headquartered in the U.S. and Canada.

Do you seek an investor with a history of successfully working with family and management-owned companies? Do you prefer an investor who does not interfere with your management, but rather supplements their talents? Do you want an investor able to provide an innovative perspective when evaluating prospective solutions for strategic, operational, and financial challenges?

Looking for trust? Talk with us.

We provide business owners and their management teams with the capital and support they need to successfully grow. We’re an experienced investment firm that makes junior capital investments in solidly performing middle market companies. Cyprium Partners has investment professionals in three offices:

Cleveland, Ohio

New York, New York

Chicago, Illinois

Recent Investments

Uniloy, Inc

Independent Sponsor Buyout:
Uniloy, Inc.

Preferred Equity &
Common Equity

Arbor Contract Carpet Inc

Arbor Contract Carpet Inc.

Preferred Equity & Subordinated Debt